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Meet Coach Peter

Hi my name is Peter, and I am a professsional table tennis coach. I started playing table tennis at the age of seven in Lomza, Poland. When I started training, I immediately fell in love with the sport. At the age of twelve I began competing in the Polish National League against adults. I was ranked in the top cadet, the top juniors and the top adults in the country. I continued playing throughtout my teenage years in my home town club LKS Lomza. At the age of 18 I was invited to Olsztyn where I began to study at the local university. I was also invited to join a professional team AZS Olsztyn. As a college student in 1986 I was a silver medalist in the Collegiate Championships which took place in Rzeszow Poland.

However, my professional career was cut short due to an injury at age of 22.

Now, I live in United States and at this point of my career, I found that coaching has given me more pleasure than actually competing. I spent the last 15 years coaching at NJTTC in Westfield, NJ, where I helped many national top level juniors and cadets in the country. I was actively mentoring and coaching:

Six of my former students are current members of cadet and junior national team of USA.

Da Tang                (2300)

Amy Wang            (2478) Cadet ,Junior National Team USA

Alguetti Gal           (2447) Cadet National Team USA

Alguetti Adar        (2529) Junior National Team USA

Alguetti Sharon    (2619) Cadet,Junior, Adoults Team USA

Allan Wang            (2495) Junior Team USA

Matthew Lu           (2195) Minicadet Team USA

Edy Wang              (1900)

Ricardo Brito         (1700)

Oscar Camacho     (1750)

and many many more:

At this moment, I live in Tampa, Florida, where I would like to continue my professional career and share my expertise with new students. I am always willing to give advice and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding table tennis.



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