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I Offer Different Types of Table Tennis Lessons & Training

Private Lessons

For my private lessons I provide one on one training that includes technique, strategy, and game simulation. I emphasize the development of strong fundamental skills, and I always strive to improve a player's weaknesses. My private lessons are usually an hour long, but I can adjust to an individual player's needs.


In my fifteen years of my professional career, I facilitated several successful camps and group trainings in Westfield, NJTTC. I am willing to provide the same training for any group or organization that may need a coach. In group training sessions, I help students individually and I teach students how they can assist each other under my supervision.

Home Court

If you have a table at home, I will be willing to provide lessons in your home at your own conveniance. This is a popular form of training for many students.



I have worked with children and adults of all ages ranging from six years to seventy five years old. I believe an individual can improve at any age, especially when it comes to table tennis. It is a great privelege and responsibility to develop a young childs career. Teaching children requires a different approach including patience and empathy, and I am able to provide it.



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